I have this urge to write my ex a letter - the first and last.?

I have this feeling bottled up and I want to put a closure. Our relationship was decades ago and we have our own lives now. Blame him for keeping in touch after all these years. We talked like old friends and worst we talked about our past because he insisted ( nothing sexual because we never did it ). I was the one who broke up with him. Anyways, we had closure. I thought I did. Oh, i think I need a shrink. I m married you see and I am stopping myself to communicate because it is not just right.


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  • I say write it all out, absolutely everything you need to say and how you feel then store it somewhere safe, in a month re-read it when you are in a good mood, you will realise that you shouldn't send it because you sound stupid and hopeless, when you're not.

    I did this, I wrote a long email to my ex and sent it to him, then the next week I hacked his email just to delete it because I realised I sounded pathetic. Luckily it wasn't read.

    If you don't want a future with your ex (the guy who he is now, not the guy he used to be) then what's the point?

    Leave it and you will get over it eventually. Promise.


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  • Go ahead. You think that he's going to write you back and then you'll run away with him and divorce your husband? That's ditzy.


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  • Don't do it girl. There is NO point in writing him anything. You have moved on and so has he. Instead of writing him a letter and sending it, consider simply writing your thoughts in a journal. Better yet, get a therapist. I just feel like you're trying to open a can of worms that should stay closed.


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