I broke it off with my boyfriend by text, prior to that we rarely spoke or saw each other. He hasn't responded to the text? Do I call him or not?

We started our relationship about four months ago, everything started off right just like most relationship do. I suffered a trauma during our new relationship and after that, that's when he became distant, would say he'll come over and wouldn't, text me every now and then, and I would see him about once or twice a week. I would say that during my recovery he was rarely there and it started to get to the point where I would here from him during the weekends and hell text me saying he misses me.. I felt like I was in an emotional roller coaster with him. He wouldn't answer my calls butt answered unknown numbers that I would call from.. Bottom line I gotten to the point were I had enough. I called him and he didn't answer so I sent the text. I at least thought I would've gotten a response or a phone call or a text.. Nothing.. But now I feel bad.. I don't know what to expect anymore.. Please I need advice..


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  • Sweetie, no, you absolutely did the right thing in texting tom a goodbye. This was what he most likely was egging you on to do all along. When he had found out about your unfortunate trauma turmoil, he suddenly got cold duck feet, and waddled as far into the water as he could carry both webbed feet, so he didn't have to feel obligated to helping you out. The times that you needed him the most, and he wasn't there, nor refused to be, tells me this quack is Not anything you would even want for a Real man by your side and at your beckoning call.
    Yes, not only "emotional roller coaster ride," but a train wreck that was bound to crash, if you didn't do what you did. He obviously cannot and will not handle any responsibilities or commitments when it comes to your health. He is showing you this. and has just been waiting for You, sweetie, to push a few buttons, to end it all.
    Don't feel bad, Don't change your mind, because it won't do you any good. He won't pick up to your calls, answer your texts even, and he is trying to tell you he is not your Florence Nightingale, and to fly on out of his life.
    I am so sorry for your illness that came upon you, and that he wanted no part in being there for you when you needed him the most. But now you know, that this type of schmo, is neither fit for consumption, nor marriage material, when it comes to: "In sickness and in health."
    Good luck, and God bless. xx

    • Thank you. I needed to hear this.. In time this shall pass and I'll be back to myself

    • Good girl, and I am proud of you.. You are stronger than you think, and from what you just wrote me, you will be back to being You again in no time, with no one pulling you down. Good luck again.. xx

    • You will find someone more deserving, more "helpful".. he is out there, believe me.. xx

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  • I'd leave him be. It's obvious he's avoiding you since he picks up unknown numbers (which seems creepy that you'd try that honestly).


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  • No don't call him you broke it off that's the end of it. Don't feel bad it was the right thing to do.


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