Texted ex happy birthday 10 days after her birthday, why do you think she ignored it?

Of course she could have a different number now, but assuming she hasn't.

I haven't contacted her in 6 months. But I thought sending her a happy birthday message would brighten her day. Then I refrained from doing it on her birthday, as it might seem desperate in her eyes.
So I texted her 10 days afterwards.

I sent: "I know it's a bit late, but I hope you had a nice birthday x J"

Of course I expected to be ignored, because she has done this for an entire year now. But it would have been pretty easy to say 'thank you' or even 'why message me this late?'.

I'm getting the vibe that she is really angry at me and never wants to speak to me again. Or that she truly doesn't care. But then she could have at least said 'thank you' or 'ok'. Or something like that ya know.

What do you think?

Summary of breakup:
Broken up for over a year, she ignores me, had to let her go because she fancied someone else, first loves for 5 years.


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  • You never let her go dude. Letting her go means you don't fucking text her happy birthday 10 days after the real date because you're too busy over analyzing the situation.

    As one guy to another: Let... Her... Go...

    • I literally let her go when I broke up with her. Won't be able to delete the memories of that relationship.

      And you didn't answer the question!

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    • Hard to believe that someone who was with another for 5 years doesn't give 'a shit' about the other. Of course there are SOME feelings left.
      She just chooses to ignore for some reason.

      I just laugh at the disrespect to be honest, especially because she didn't have any friends wishing her a happy birthday during the time I knew her.
      Just testing the waters to see if she had grown up yet. Guess not.

    • I know. It's hard to believe. Women are heartless creatures.

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  • If she was ignoring you in the past why do you think that she would answer you now? You probably had a better shot of her answering with a thank you if you had texted her on her actual bday. And finally im questioning your motives for the actual text in the first place because your reaction to her nonresponsiveness suggests something.

    • Actually I didn't think she would answer. But because in the past all communication had been more orientated about the breakup and I cared a lot more.
      I thought this would be a very different kind of message. Because it has no expectations and is friendly.

      If I feel like doing something in general, I do it. I don't think what other people might think of it. Unless of course it is harmful to others.
      And this should have done more good than harm right? So why not.

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    • Basically because you're not giving her the space she clearly wants in the first place. You are still hung up on someone who is clearly over you. The mere fact that you want to know WHY suggests that. But yes, she wants space. You need to leave her alone. If she was interested in being friends she would answer you.

    • I wish you could thumb up comments like Gianni's.

  • Some people have no interest in staying in contact with an ex.

  • Dude You need to get over her as soon as possible.

    • Well, that is easier said than done.

      Have had a string of relationships since. Nothing really compares.

  • You're not entitled to get a reply from her. Simple as that. Especially if you haven't actually made any contact since the breakup, and since she's been ignoring you this efficiently. If she feels like you have already parted ways and no longer have any connection to each other, I'm not surprised she didn't answer your text. And so what that she didn't answer? Obviously you broke up a long time ago and don't have anything to do with each other anymore. Would an "ok" text really made you feel a lot better? Just let it go.

    • and not only haven't you spoken for a year, you were also 10 days late for her birthday... so honestly that just seems kinda weird and desperate.

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    • Who'd know she'd still be 'pissed off' 6 months later.

    • Well, I didn't know the time frame for when these things happened because you didn't provide them, honestly they're a bit diffuse to me.
      Maybe pissed of isn't the right term, but more like "not in the mood to talk"

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  • This is really, really sad.

    Get the f*ck over her. You have no idea what kind of psychological pain your giving yourself. She doesn't give two sh*ts about you any more for whatever caused the break up.

    You know what's going to happen if you don't fully cut her off from your life? No girl is ever going to want to deal with you - that's the horrible truth.

    Every girl you meet will notice you aren't over an ex and they'll see you as nothing more than a friend.

    • I am not THAT hung up about her at all dude. Hadn't messaged her for like six months. What does that tell you?

      Of course there are lingering feelings when it's her birthday. But I have long accepted that she celebrates it without me.

      And about relationships. The couple I have been in. They don't break it off, I break it off because they don't compare.

      I actually see a lot of girls in uni and none really spark my interest on a deeper level because their personalities aren't attractive.

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    • Such a constructive comment.

    • Get a grip man... you've failed.

  • Dude, she's an ex and it's a year later. What do you think she was doing, sitting by her phone waiting for you to contact her out of the blue again? lol

    Get over her and stop analyzing this situation like this. You're hung up on her, it seems.

    • Well, I thought she'd ignore me. Which she did.

      I'm just asking for reasons why a person would ignore someone else. Because it is not in my own character to do so...

      Alrdy have a new gf. Don't expect to see my ex ever again. Just pure curiosity.

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    • Yes I do think about this ex on her birthday. So what? ;)

      And my point was that I don't understand people ignoring friendly messages, because I have never done that.

      Agreed that texts are easy to ignore. But then again, I'm not going to go out of my way and call am I. THAT would be weird. ;)

    • My ex gf has answered my texts 100% of the time since we broke up.

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