Texted ex I miss him.. no response?

i've been off and on with this guy for over a year.
in November we had a nasty break up.. a few weeks later i moved to another state to help with some family problems and took a semester off from school to help out.
while away i went into NC with him.. which was the first time i ever did that.
he eventually contacted me 2months later and i responded.. we got back into good terms. but, i wish i never did respond back to him.. it honestly set me back from moving on and made me miss him.
and i told him that i missed him the other day... and he never replied back to me.

in the past when we would go through our break ups id always tell him that i missed him. and he'd always respond whether it be a "i miss you too" or "i can't.. i'm talking to someone right now" he was always honest with me and always responded.
this time i get nothing back... he just straight up ignores it.
why? i mean i feel a little bit stupid now.. but i was just being honest with him.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Take a deep breath and tell yourself he doesn't care about you and he's not worth your time.

    Go back in NC and keep it that way - DON'T answer his calls/texts/emails any more.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think that this isn't a healthy relationship and that you need to stop.
    You need to take a couple of steps back, examine your situation, and find out what you want. It seems like he's been almost playing you, stringing you along. That's not fair to you. It doesn't seem like he's the type of person you should be with because he doesn't seem to care as much about you as you care about him. It might be healthier for you to cut all ties and stop trying to pursue a relationship that isn't going to work.
    It's good that you were honest with him. Honesty is always a good thing in a relationship. However, it doesn't build a relationship and you certainly need to build one that isn't this one.


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