I drunkenly messaged my ex! What should i do now?

Ok so i drunkenly messaged my ex on Facebook just saying hi. ( didn't realise id done this until i woke up). She replied saying hey and asked if i was ok and i replied saying i would be when my hangover ended and asked if she was ok! This got no reply!

Now i've been trying to build small bridges for a while because she was a big part of my life but now im at the point where i don't know what to do.

I don't want to feel bad when i try and talk to her and get nowhere. I asked her to block me 2 months ago (which she did) and it was all fine until she unblocked me and i got curious. Its really playing with my head now so i think i should block her.

Any advice?
Thats the thing. What the hell can i actually say?

I was thinking of something explaining that i was just curious as to why she unblocked me.
Wish i had the third persons opinion before now ha. Messaged saying sorry for the message. i noticed you unblocked me and i wanted to see how you were. hope everything is well.

Left no room for a reply and i've been pretty civil i thin.


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  • Sweetie, have you ever heard the song "London Bridge is falling down?" I think yours may have collapsed in a big way.
    When you told your ex you'd be okay when your Hangover ended, asking How she was, she probably never replied because she felt this was the Only method of getting you to communicate, being stone drunk? I feel she was hurt and insulted.
    No, you're not going to get Anywhere with her, if you don't try and explain yourself out of That one. So because you're not wanting to "feel bad" when trying to open up to her again, you want to "Block her?"
    Maybe the guilt is just getting the best of you, and if you're telling me she was this big part of your life, I think the Friendly Facebook thing to do, is put something together to make up for the wishy washy reason you Decided to do this pie eyed. Perhaps it was best left unsaid, but now I think an appropriate apology is in order, to at least keep her as a friend. After all, she did unblock you. xx


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  • I wouldn't say anything more for now... just see where it goes between you two communicating again... keep it light and simple... I see nothing wrong sending a message on FB... its not like you said anything perverse or vulgar.

  • Don't block her! She unblocked you because you were the huge part of her life too so try to explane why you sent her that message and as you already sent that, keep chating with her. Ask her what's up and stuffs like that. But do not block her.


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  • 1. No one here knows nor does the question explain why are you 2 guys each other's ex - that may give some idea on what's all this about
    2. Being drunk & messaging an ex is absolutely reckless and insensitive
    3. Answering a question about your well being with "I will be fine after my hangover ends" is the worst answer anyone could give no wonder you didn't get an answer
    4. YOU seem to be the one who's having a problem staying away from her (and I assume - don't know why but that you are the person who decided on the break up?)
    5. Don't build small bridges, build a single strong one and do most of it yourself if you want to get back else please for your sake and hers don't get into this 'blocking' and similar juvenile stuff

    I don't mean to be rude or patronize you in any way but that's the best straight way I perceive the situation with what information is provided and write what I think fit & correct :)

    Good luck :)

    • Hey no offence taken.

      We broke up due to long distance but me being a bit of an asshole meant we ended it badly. By the time i changed my mind and wanted to stay in touch it was too late and now i guess i just regret some stuff.

      I sent the message drunk and that was a mistake. I've now apologised and i'm leaving it at that. No blocking.

    • Good luck buddy :) that's a good move :) good luck to you

    • Yeh it seems to have done good. She told me it was ok and not to apologise. Told me she was doing good and asked how my injuries were (had an accident recently)

      We're just small talking really but it's nice to be nice to each other again even of we don't continue to tall

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