What does it mean if your ex-guy is posting "duck-face" selfies/with his guy bestfriend?

I am confused. Lately, my ex has been posting a lot of "duck-face" selfies, sometimes with his guy bestfriend. Does it mean that he is gay?


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  • I don't know if he is, but i don't know many guys doing that w/other guys (Straight)... my ex confess he's gay, we were in aa long term relationship... how much does it matter if he is or not since he's your EX? All I know that it was F*up what happen and I have other who was in my situation but lucky for me I didn;t have it ask bad as them... married w/kids... the guy cheating and giving them STD... He stole a good chunk of my life... I was able to be compassionate and understanding... but there the other side of the story of people being Deceived... sorry I'm not answering the questions... I'm more "projecting" what it feels...

    • I feel awful too when he is.. It sucks what happened to you. I'm sorry :(

    • thanks for the empathy, I guess since things are more accepted I didn't think It can/will happen... I don't blame him... it's hard for him to... I was very understanding and compassionate towards him. He can't choose how he is but he can CHOOSE not to be someone who STRING another person along for soo long. I might have to high of a moral compass. I feel that if there any doubt/confusion about the relationship and it can't be work out, don't String the person along.. Many people CHOOSE to deal w/it and not String people as a shield or whatever. I know that people has many support for people coming out... But there the other side of the closer... The other side also feel pain, lost, betrayal... hardship, trauma that is just as Valid... Sorry I digress... and sorry If it doesn't really answer your question. I Digress... at least your not W/him... but it still will blow if you found out later that he is...

    • Closet***

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  • It means he's goofing around with his buddy and not worrying about what faces his Ex might be making...

    I think you're confused on what gay is.

    I don't know when you guys split, but he's probably just trying to move on and is having fun. It probably has nothing to do with you. It probably also has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

  • Yes it does. It's a secret sign stating they just had s*x... with each other. That's what my girlfriends gay brother said it meant, if it's true I don't know but he would know.


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  • It means they are having fun, and posdibly drunk. Wtf? The way someone takes a photo does not depict their sexual orientation.

  • Are you retarded?

    • No. But there is no point being rude for this question.

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