Should I wait for her to come back?

Had a very special connection with a girl. Were together for 5 months and it happened when neither of us was looking or interested in much of anything. We were falling in love with each other. We talked about being together forever and could see it happening. We had something very special. We ended things because the timing wasn't right, I had to move home (2 hours away) and they still have 1 year left in school. She says she wasn't to get together in the future and talk about revisiting things. I have come to realize that I did indeed fell in love with her. She left her mark on me and she's always going to have a part in my heart.

Is it worth waiting? I know that if we were to revisit things and get back together that it would be forever as we had talked about it


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  • That answer is contingent upon her willingness to commit to waiting for you. Meaning if she does not see or date others in the process of waiting for the ideal time to revisit being in a relationship with you, I advise against waiting for her.

    I've heard of guys and girls alike, whom have waited for someone while the person dated others and/or engaged in sexual encounters, or should I say, casual sex. They did so while they continually strung the person waiting for them along by vocalizing and expressing interest in a possible relationship for the purpose of retaining that person's interest in them, that is, until the interest unapologetically fell into free-fall.

    Also, I've heard of those, whom, after a long wait to be with someone, discovered that the person or the relationship was not as magnificent as they imagined.

    Getting back to your dilemma, if she is not waiting for you, she is, in fact, undoubtedly willing to risk never being in a relationship with you again. Do you really want to walk a mile to be with someone who is only willing to walk a few feet to be with you? Of course you do not.

    "Is it worth waiting?" Depends on what you are willing to lose. If I were in your shoes, I would not.


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