Guys can you explain his behavior... I know that this isn't normal?

my ex and I dated in hs for 3 1/2 years. We were eachothers first. I had never had a relationship before. Well we graduated high school adn went to different colleges. When he went to college orientation he meant another girl from our local area and started dating her. He came crawling back to me and I took him back. I loved him like crazy. So college started. We were about 45 minutes away and then we would see eachother often.
Then in November of 2011 my dog died and when i told him he broke up with me again. And this time I blocked him on Facebook and told him we were done and never to contact me again. I have put my foot down and been firm about this. I will not be played with. Yet he contacts me every month through email. He used to text me. He would even message my friends to tell them to tell me to call him. In Feb 2012 he got engaged to the girl... this means they were dating for 3 months. Now when we broke up the first time, I said I wanted him in my life forever... so was this him trying to make me jealous? Why would he contact me every single month? He even had the nerve to show up to my work with his fiance. And he found out where I worked from other people. He then mentioned to me through an email that his 'stalking days' on Facebook were over. Another time his fiance messaged me (how she got my email ill never know) and asked if he was always so boring. do you really think this was her?
Now before this looks crazy, I want to say that this guy was a total sweet heart to me and was completely normal overall a real good guy. I would have never suspected this side of him. Was he trying to make me jealous? I refuse to talk to him and restart a fire. Do you think he 'really' loves his fiance? I told him once that to leave me alone and this wasn't fair to his fiance or me. We are both 21 now.


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  • Considering the nature and the length of the relationship you were in with your ex, it's reasonable to conclude that he is still attached to you and thus misses all or various aspects of the relationship he once had with you, especially if the breakup transpired recently. With that being told, the most difficult breakups to overcome for most are abrupt and unreasonable breakups between close partners. Frankly, it can be pure misery to lose your good friend who happens to be your lover.

    Analyzing the matter further, it's also a possibility that he still cares for you and wants to revisit being in a relationship with you someday. Thus, visiting you with his fiancé, of all people, at your place of business may have been done under the pretext to see an old friend, when in actuality, it may have been a desperate attempt to interact with you in person. Having his fiancé accompany him may have been a mere deterrence to prevent arousing suspicion from either side.

    In either case, he is still believes you are a very important part of his life, which is evident in his struggle to let you go.


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