What should I ask my ex friend during this meeting with me, the University dean and a student RSA?

Back in December , my ex friend attacked me for no reason with a lighter and a deodorant can. I hit him out of self defence since he was aiming for my face.

He lied to my ex GF (who I still love so much), to her friends and a couple of my friend who won't speak to me any more.

We're having a meeting this Thursday to discuss what happened... I just don't know what to say other than the truth.

I've thought about asking him why he did in the first place, and why he lied to all of them.


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  • This guy sounds like bad news... he lied to people right after? what did he hope to accomplish? to intimidate you? that is just plane evil and if he did burn your face off would he of actually cared?, i hope your not going to it alone he sounds really abusive and has some mental problems so i wouldn't let yourself be in the same room alone again with him, be careful.

    • In terms of what to ask just ask him to tell you the truth and what the reasons are that he did this? if he still wants to act abusive stay away.

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  • The truth should be on your side on this one. More power to ya, man. I wouldn't let him get a away with jack, personally, because he wasn't looking for you. Why look out for a backstabber?

    I've been involved with "disciplinary" issues at the university and the chances are good that your school just wants to set things straight. There's nothing to fear here.


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