Texted an ex again!! Advice needed?

Ok so a recently drunk texted an ex which got us casually talking a little bit.'I know its bad practise and probably means nothing but i've been over analyzing her answers and what she says so i would like your guys and girls opinions please!

1) She told me she was very good (its pretty simple but she seemed to over stress how good she was).
2) Told me about talking to guys in a bar and that they were from my hometown and one of them knew me (she's either trying to make me jealous that she's moving on and is out and about or she's showing that she's mentioning me when talking to other guys).
3) The same bar was where we had one of her first dates. She brought up that night and how good it was (bringing up old memories).
4) I initiated the conversation when drunk and then apologised but most of her replies have been questions like she wants to continue talking.
5) Her instagram had a photo about a month ago (while we were no contact) with a Valentine's day pie chart and a comment about how Valentine's is bullshit.

There is no chance of us ever getting back together, at least not in the forseeable future, as we live nowhere near each other. But i always believed in the let her go and if its love she'll come back thing so i guess i just want a line of communication open.

I know its probably nothing but i want to play this right so we can eventually be friends as she does mean a lot to me.

Valentines Day

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  • So first delete her number from your phone so you never do it again. She could honestly be doing great. If the guy at the bar said I'm from here she could of just went hey I know someone from there, totally innocent. She could of been being polite or it doesn't bother her to talk to you I'm friends with some of my exes. I'm in a relationship and I'm against V-day doesn't mean anything


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Valentines Day