Why my crazy ex watching me and if so why?

So ever since my ex and I broke up like last year and months down the road. He hasn't been him or acting the way I remember, 1st. It was him begin nice to me, 2nd Him begin to touchy feely towards me. 3rd Him begin very rude and nasty and doing to much, 4th was him turning into a complete a**, 5th him begin disrespectful to me and others around, 6th him begin all over me and to close and always around me, 7th him become distance and us not talking as much, 8th and Now he's watching me. And I don't understand like when we are at work- and when he leaves or about to leave he is watching me and watching what I'm doing. Or when I'm talking to my other guy co-worker he comes in the room sometimes just looks and look away and other times I feel like he is watching me. Like earlier yesterday hours ago- he was leaving out and he went to his car. AND THIS WAS the end of work! and he went to his car and was just in there, I can't really say he was or was not. But I have notice when he gets in his car he leaves I have notice that. But this time he didn't move and me and the other co-worker went into the other room because I felt like he was watching me just his energy I felt. SO he got out the car after when time went by and came back in the building I guess he had to get something or what ever-- then got what he needed and then went back to his car. The after that I'm like sighs Thank u so me thinking he was gone! he was still there in the front parking lot. He couldn't see me but I see him. And I waited for a few minutes to go out and when I did he was still there- and also I took the path home and acted as if I did't see him. So as I was behind the tress I stop for a min or too and was tactfully watching him. So I notice after a few- he started his car and drove off. So really was he watching me or was it really me watching him the whole time and he was begin normal or other and if so why? Thanks!


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  • He is just in love with u

    • But how do you know for sure- and he's not just acting crazy, or want attention. ?

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