Girls why do you act like this towards your ex?

Say the only reason why your ex gf hates your guts is because a friend, who attacked you for no reason, has lied to her about what happened.

She loved you deeply when you were still together and now she tries her best to ignore you: she calls you names for no reason and makes you seem like the bad guy.

Yet she stares at you a lot, but still hates you.

The reason why she has his side is because they are best of friends.

I've got a meeting with him and some University staff to set it straight and I'm wondering if this will her make my ex realise I'm not in the wrong.

What would you do? This happened at University
I'd like some more feedback from people please. As the meeting's tomorrow I'm starting to get more and more nervous.

I know I've got nothing to really be scared about because I'm the victim here, not him. I just want to know what to do after.
Should I wait a bit till my ex gf finds out what he really did before contacting her? What should I tell her?


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  • she obviously still has feelings for you as you can't always stop liking someone right away but believes her best friend over you so is angry at you for what she thinks you have done wrong

    does the best friend like her or something? why did he lie about you and what did he say you did?

    • I reckon he does. But she doesn't in that way, so I'm not worried about that.

      He told her that I hit him after he asked me to leave his room.

      He attacked me for no reason with a lighter and a deodorant spray and I hit him out of self defence.

      If someone asked me to leave their room, I would.

    • wow thats disgusting behaviour im glad you hit him in self defence, he could have seriously hurt you. i hope you get it sorted with the university staff.

    • How do you think I could get her back?

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  • She still loves you and is conflicted over what she knows about you and what is being told to her by the best friend who is supposed to be supporting her. As for the guy... it should be easy for you to figure out what's his deal.

    • I'm just really disgusted with how it's all turned out. I trusted this guy like a brother and never thought he'd be capable of doing such things.

      The worst is how my ex has probably told her parents about what happened and they probably hate me as much as her now. According to my ex, when we were still together, they really liked me.

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    • Getting her back is not as simple as it sounds. I mean you basically have to gain her trust back even though you did nothing wrong. You have to be a jerk and a hero at the same time showing her what her friend is doing and helping her get pass the deception and then you have to go for the kill before you get friendzoned. She might not be ready to trust another guy even though she was in a relationship with you before.

    • Doubt I'd ever be in her friend zone haha. I've told her there's no way.

      I'll see how it goes tomorrow and if my ex friend is actually capable of being 100% honest for once is lame life.

  • try to calm her down and just explain your side of the story. dont yell or be mad, just calmly tell her your side.

    Maybe try and talk to him calmly, in a public place as well, this way he can't lie anymore and hopefully he won't make a scene. ıf there is a misunderstanding it would get cleared up.

    She likes you but if he is her best friend then she feels she has to be mad at you and is conflicted. being mean to you would help her keep her feelings in check.

    • Yeah I think she's trying her best to get over me after what I have "done" to my ex friend. The little shit. How dare he even walk beside her.

      Like I told PinkAcid, he's going to have to own up to what he's done in front of the University staff Thursday. I'm quite excited in fact.

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    • Thats a great idea. Altough He might be afraid of losing her friendship as well. Since he probably knows what he did was wrong. So hope he agress to confess.
      If not would you settle for saying it was a misunderstanding? He might be more
      Willing to cooperate if he does not get all the blame suddenly.
      Hopefully he is a bit decent and would agree to make things better for you.

    • And by misunderstanding what do you mean?

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  • Depends on how and why you guys broke up in the first place. I would talk to your friend like you said and explain what actually happened.

    I can tell she loves you still but also hates you for what you apparently did. Love hate situation.

    I would be calm and make sure you are 100% serious, no jokes or anything.

    • I've got a meeting with him tomorrow morning and 2 University members of staff. I'm going to ask him one thing: that I'm ready to forgive and forget as long as he tells my ex the truth. If he asks why, I'm going to tell him how I feel about her and how I trusted him and confided in him before.

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    • Yeah. Well it's going to be a long few weeks now, just got to pretend to act all cool and dandy with this little tyke and get on my ex's good side.

    • good luck dude! Keep me updated with everything

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