I feel bad about a fight with my ex?

I was taking the breakup well of 1 and a half years out of nowhere, I wished her good luck and to have fun on her break. She wanted to hang out after she went out of town and told me to follow her on instagram again and stuff so I did. She posted pictures of giving body shots and making out with other girls so I got really pissed and things were said and I just blocked her and want her out of my life. I dont care if she does it i just dont want to know about it, but it made me mad she had to post it when we just broke up and she knows i follow her. Why would do something like that and just keep tweeting about how drunk she is. I feel bad and don't even know if i had the right to be mad.


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  • well was she posting pictures like this before you started following her? One and a half years is a long time! Also you were friendly, maybe she just thought you guys could remain friends and wanted to keep in contact. didn't think you would react like that..

    You dont have a right to be mad at her, you two are over. she can do whatever she wants. You dont have to like it or follow her. It is normal if it makes you uncomfortable and bad etc. you just can't take it out on her.

    • thanks, i wish i knew this earlier because i said some hurtful things out of anger and i feel bad, i want to apologize but i think just letting it be might be the best thing because itll stress her more if she even sees anything about me again probably

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  • well from what i read she seems to be doing it on purpose considering that she asked you to follow her and stuff and yet posted all these pics. but Maybe she forgotten about you having followed her.


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