Do you get dreams where your S. O. cheats on you? If so, what do you do and how do you feel?

Because I always get dreams (more like nightmares) that I catch or find out that my girlfriend is cheating on me. Does this mean it can and will eventually happen? Or that I'm just scared it might happen? Or maybe she's thinking about it and it's giving me a heads up?


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  • I've had those dreams on occasion. In my dreams I go into a panic and end up waking up in a fit of sweat with a pounding heart and gasping for breath.

    My boyfriend had a dream where I cheated on him once and he woke up because he punched a hole in his wall lmao.

    • Haha that's exactly me! Heart racing, sweating like a pig, shaking, and waking up panicking lol. Sometimes I'd wake up kinda crying :(

    • Yeah lol been there. And then I tell him about it and he's like, "Yeah... can't say that'd ever happen."

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  • I think it's just your brain dealing with your subconscious fears.

  • Only had a dream like that once. I wouldn't read too much I to it.


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