Does my ex girlfriend want to get back together?

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if my ex girlfriend wants to seriously get back together or just hook up. So I've been ignoring her texts for a few months after going no contact after she dumped me. I broke down yesterday. She asked how I was doing, and what I was doing on St Paddy's day. I said I had no plans. She said she was probably going to just stay home alone unless her friend came through. Then she said if my friend doesn't come through can I take you out? I said yes then she said its a date then, I'll wear my dress for you. After that she says so Saturday what would you hope for after like long run not just end of night? I said I don't know for now let's just talk, catch up and hang out.
She replied ok I can do that... I just had to make sure you wouldn't try any funny business. I said lol no funny stuff. She answers back with unless you had something in mind like that it could be up for discussion. So I said I see let's see how the night goes and where the evening takes us. She replied with :-D What is everyone's opinion on this? Is she just looking to fuck or is she trying to get me back? I would really appreciate some input. Thank you very much for reading and responding.


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  • Well, from what you've said, it seems like she might be interested in getting back together. Still, be careful about it, because she could just be trying to sleep with you, but it does seem like she's thinking about getting back together, especially since she mentioned the long run


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