Is she mad because I'm dating her ex?

So I'm dating my (sorta) best friends 'ex'
Their relationship lasted a week. In October.

My 'bestfriend' and I's friendship has been falling apart fast for the past 2 months (mostly due to me withdrawing myself, because of personal reasons)

So basically I ask, is she mad because of me dating her 'ex' (who prior to me and him dating she didn't even consider someone she dated) or is this just icing on the cake? Like a way out of the friendship? I mean I've been looking for one, but it seemed as if she's been trying to preserve it lately.
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  • A lot of the time, girls get angry when another girl dates their ex. Even if they don't consider that guy their ex. Even if they say it's okay. (Especially when it's their best friend).
    I personally think, though, that since you don't want to be friends with her any more, it shouldn't really matter to you anyway.


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