How do you get over a hearbreak that just happened?

I was friends with this woman I met online and we have been friends for 5 years. I was planning on moving to her but now I am having some serious 2nd thoughts about it. Here is why: First she told me that her phone was shut off because she didn't have anytime left on her card. Well the only way she could get online to Facebook is by her phone as she doesn't ' have a computer. Well she has been on Facebook for the past few days and barely talking to me. Basically she would just answer questions and not ask any of me. We had always been asking each other what are you doing and how was your day etc... nearly everyday then she told me that lie. Yesterday I told her that she was gorgeous well I posted it on her wall on Facebook and today that compliment was erased by her and today her ex that beat her told her he loved her and misses her and thanked her for his ride to work and said he can't wait till he gots off work tonight basically so they can hang out. I sent her a message telling her my feelings and that if she doesn't want me even a a friend well then to delete me on her Facebook nnd then I would understand that you want nothing more to do with me and I will leave you alone forever. Basically I was giving her a way out without having to talk to me anymore. I decided that I am not going to be moving across the country to be with her afterall why SHOULD I do that for someone that doesn't want me?


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  • Be glad that you had this incident happen to you now then while you were in a foreign country to be with that woman. Move on and let her go. Get out there and meet people in your area. Interacting with someone in person is much better than engaging in a virtual relationship.
    best of luck! Try dating websites if you want but these have cons also.


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