I'm getting butterflies again, should I say something to him?

Just so you guys know these butterflies are from 2011. In 2013 I got my first tattoo. Ovo "Octobers very own" I met my ex in 2011. I always have a reminder of him he was very important to me & still is. We called our final quit in 2012. It was a hard & bad break up... too much arguing & couldn't agree on anything & every time we seen each other after that was not good. So after a year of silence we became friends on Facebook & a little while after I stayed at friends house he was there & said hey, seen him at the bar he said hey. Now on Facebook he gets on my statuses & says little jokes that absolutely makes my day. I wanna shoot him a message or text to see if we can have our spark back... I feel like its always been there we were just young to see it. But I'm scared that he'll freak out. Should I suck it up? Or see him a couple more times?


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  • it sounds like he is trying to reach out to you if he is posting little things on Facebook . he is seeing how you react to it. id go ahead and message him.


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