Is my ex playing me? Does he actually care or is he just saying all this stuff?

My ex dumped me over having a photography with 2 guys, one who I did have history with. He didn't speak to me and blocked my number and off all social networking sites. He had already blocked me off Facebook while I was with him so he didn't have to see pictures off me with people and going out and things. He finished me and cut all contact until this past week. He's spoken to me twice at school, saying how much he loves me and I'm his life yet saying he can't get back with him because if I hurt him again like that, he'll be crushed. I saw him in a club and he started crying to me, saying he loves me and all that yet saying he still can't be with me? He unblocked my number and been messaging me saying Im the most gourgous girl he's laied eyes on, I've changed his life, he loves me, he can't cut me out of his life, whenever he sees me he wants to speak to me and I'm the best thing to ever happen to him. Yet stopped texting me again yet I see him at school all the time. He never used to hang in the canteen where I always am, because he used to hate it yet now we've broken up he seems to be there all the time. He's forever walking past me, looking at me yet doesn't speak just does an awkward/sad smile. I don't understand if he does care or he has no intention getting back with me and is playing me?
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  • The way this poor guy is acting, He is so very very hurt and distraught that he doesn't know whether he is coming or going, sweetie. He has taken You and Your "Photo friends" to heart in such a way, that he is holding it to his chest as though it were some sort of life support system, and he Will Not let go of it. It's as though he is making this whole "Trauma" his World now, sucking in every detail, every piece of Importance as though too it were his Food for thought every minute of the day.
    Although he can't seem to forget you Nor the Damage that he thinks that was done to him in this detrimental way, he may always have love for you, but as far as anything else, unless he can get past it, you and he will never be this "Picture perfect" couple again. And even if you were to reunite tomorrow, he would moist likely have a Rough time in letting you live Anything down, making it his mission in life to make you pay for what wrong he feels you did to him. His grudges are too Intense, and he has become obsessed with these burning memories. He will never trust you again, and you will always have him watching you like an eagle, This Insecurity constantly haunting him inside like black coals on a grill.
    It is most likely better for you to move on and let him wallow in hi sown misery. No matter what you could possibly say or do at this point, would make No difference. Instead, it would just add more fuel to his fire. xx

    • Thank-you, that has helped so much. I spoke to him today at school and he just laid into me saying how I never actually cared otherwise I would never of had the photograph. He say's I need a reality check and because I'm used to having everything in life, I'm upset because he's the first thing I can not have? I just find it so unfair because I'm sat here hurting while I allow all this to happen around me? I know I deep down can't be with somebody like that but I do love him however he says I never did, I don't know what love is and that I just act single which is not the case. He's gone from being the one guy who thought I was the best thing, to not even being good enough for him. I just feel he doesn't care and maybe he's the one with no true feelings?

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    • Okay, I'll try my best. The Situation is making me ill and not myself anymore. He's just being selfish

    • Exactly... he wants to "punish" you by making "you pay for this." If thew situation continues to keep making you sick, which is not good either, then make a decision what to do with him. I do believe he cares is why he is bringing you back, but from a few of my own experiences, they don't sometimes let you live down what they feel is something so bad you did to them.. xx

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  • I don't know if he's playing you or not. I do however know that he's too unstable to be in a serious relationship with anyone. He needs to sort his life and his insecurities out before trying to involve himself with another person. Acting crazily jealous like that just isn't healthy. You should move on.

    • Yes all my friends say I shouldn't be with somebody bringing me down. He even said he has trust issues and it's to do with his ex before me. I just don't understand how we can change overnight. I just want to know if he still cares

  • let him talk but dont hold your breath.


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