My boyfriend told me his ex and I were in his dream. Read story below. Should I worry?

I slept at his place. When he woke up, he told me about his dream. He said his ex was asking him to get back together and I was there too and he claims he was like "hell no!". He then explained that his ex and him were together for 5.5 years. He's 25 now. SHE dumped him and 2 months later she was with someone else whom she'd been friends with for a year already. I know her new bf and he's anything but similar in personality to my bf. I explained him that and my bf complained that his ex was so boring. He said something like "Let them boring people be together".

I've been with him for only a small amount of time but we have extremely strong chemistry. I think his breakup is over 6 months old (longer than mine). He seems bitter about his past relationship. He said before that it was a waste and that it shouldn't have lasted so long. He seems to feel extremely strongly for me and I do too. I don't think it is a rebound as we do have lots in common and it clicked instantly. His flatmate even told him after he heard us chatting "Wow, I felt like you were talking to Vincent!", whom is among their group of 7 best buds from primary school. They are still as close to this day. My bf wants me to meet them all very soon. He says they'll freak out when they'll see how easily I fit in the picture. I'm a very outgoing and quirky girl comfortable among large groups of men. My bf says he's glad I won't be all awkward in such a setting like most girls would.

I wonder if it's possible to be serious about someone when your breakup left such a bitter taste. I am afraid that this could hinder one's judgement in a new relationship. :( I felt like he almost said he loved me on the phone already. His sentence started like "You know, as my parents were telling me, now I know what it's like to be...". He stopped there and I think he freaked out, he decided not to tell me what he meant. I pretended I didn't hear what he said right, anyway.


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  • Well first, dont worry about dreams, because they can be quite random at times. She might have simply been in his dreams because he has know her for a good while. Anyways for what you said, everything else seems to be fine, I wouldn't worry to much.


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