Will it push her away if I ask her how she feels?

I'll try to keep it short.

After five months NC, I drunk messaged my ex after drinking a fifth of tequila... I don't want to get into all the details so...

We have continued to talk, through fb, the message I sent was bad, after five months of NC, the first thing she got from me was a it miss you message. She did reply right back, and asked me a lot of questions. She is flirting and sending me pictures, and it is really taking a toll on my emotions, I just want to know how she feels.

I told her in the letter I know I can't just pop back into her life, that I'm happy talking to her again, and that I want to rebuild the relationship. I asked her if she still felt the same about us. Her first reply was, what do you mean how do I feel about us... my reply was I mean I don't know if you hate, annoyed by me, sometimes it feels like you like me, and sometimes I just feel like a pest... it's just wishful thinking I guess, like hearing your phone ring when it really didn't. I know I can't just swoop back, that's not what I was thinking about, I know you don't want me like that... I just like listening to what you think about, you know?

She said she could talk more when she gets off, and she was off the next day.

We talked a little this afternoon and last night, but she hasn't told me and I really want to know. It's driving me nuts that she hasn't, because she told me she would...

Should I chance pushing her, by asking her to tell me again tonight? Or should I forget it, and not message her unless does first. She told me she misses me to Friday night, then Saturday, I asked if she was glad we broke up now that everything has settled, she said no... I'm just so confused, but I know I can't push her too much if I want her back, I have to be patient.


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  • maybe she hasn't answered your question because she's still trying to figure out how she feels. sounds like things are going well for right now, give her some time.


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