Why did I dream about my ex and what did it mean?

Ok why am I dreaming about my ex all of sudden. There was time's I try to dream about him before like (lucid dream) and also try to blend into his dream's like be in his dreams and it happen once. But any other I time I try to lucid dreams about him It don't work after that, and times before that at one point I was always having dreams about him for time to time. But it has been a while since I dream about him. Yes I still do have feeling's for him Yes I still do think about him and Yes I still do very much talk about him like all the time's. But any other time I talk about him I don't dream about him. But early this morning around like 2-3 a. m when I went to sleep. I had a dream about him having a hickey on his neck and a big one. But it wasn't from me, I mean we did use to mark each other up a lot with passion marks I feel like it was a past event that came in my head and plus I did tell my mom that day about how his mom was mad when I put marks on her son neck. But the question is: do anyone know why I had this dream about him having a passion mark on his neck. I wasn't mad at him but I wasn't really happy what I seen. So what do u guy's think?


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  • you still want him back

    • You think that what it means or what it could be?

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