Why am I still feeling this? I am confused.?

It's been almost a year since I "broke up" with him. I have to put an emphasis because I am not sure what we really were at that time. He was my colleague, we worked at the same company but on different country/location - we've never really seen each other in person, but we talked almost every day because of work. We started talking about personal things, sharing day-to-day/past experiences, family, interests, etc. He asked for my personal email. We continued our conversations after work and weekends. We exchanged long emails, pictures and even video chat - for a month. In one of our video calls, he even introduced me to his dad. He confessed that he liked/"loved" me and he wanted to see me for real. Things were so complicated at that time - I had a bf for 4years, also LDR (I have to leave the country for work) My relationship with my bf seemed to be sinking and then I met this guy. He was aware of it. I felt that I am falling for him too, but I felt like I was cheating with my current bf. I decided to let him go - sent him a long e-mail saying that he deserves someone better. After that email, he did not respond and kept his distance. I was hurt, felt guilty and sorry but I think that's the right thing to do. After a few months, we became "good" colleagues again. I transferred to another company, but before I did, we had a decent goodbye and “keeping in touch” promise. I emailed him occasionally, to catch up with him, and it took him a week or two or more to reply. When he did, he is very sweet and still calls me by the name he used to call me. I still think about him. I am still affected when he posts something on IG. After 2 months of no contact, he recently commented in one of my posts asking how am I doing. I can’t figure what is he thinking and why is he acting like that. Am I just infatuated about him? I know it’s already over, but I’m confused!


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  • It seems that you two were mighty close.. I believe that you are still. infatuated with this guy. He may be keeping his distance because of his own feelings. I think. yoy should sort out your feelings completely and tell him to see what happens. It could have a positive turn out. You should just talk to him and see where it goes.


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  • Sometimes when you're close to someone, it takes a VERY long time to completely get over them. Sometimes, there's always a place in your heart for that person. When they talk to you, you sort of ache inside, even if you're the one who ended it. That's entirely common. I think it was good of you to end things when you did. I think it's good that you're friends. However, I do think that you need to get a relationship with a person that you can see in person so as to stop having these confusing feelings and be able to finish healing from the hurt that has happened.


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