Help me figure what he's thinking?

We broke up a year ago. We remained friends but we did not see each other since then - only through emails and chats. We exchange emails occassionally but I was always the one initiating. Most of them were just catching up. It often took him 1-2 weeks to respond, when he did, he's still sweet. Sometimes he is cold, sometimes, he sends a very long email. It's been 3 months since we last e-mailed (actually, he did not reply to my last email). Recently, he commented on one of my posts in IG, asking how am I doing. I am not sure why he did that? I can't figure what's on his mind. Help.


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  • What is there to figure out here? You guys are no longer a couple so, he has no obligation to message you frequently. You guys are just friends... thats it.


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