Has your ex boyfriend ever came back to you?

Ok so I'm just wondering if you have ever had a long term relationship where your bf broke up with u because e didn't like you anymore and then came back to you? After you though there was no way he was coming back


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  • Gosh this is basically what's happening to me right now. I've been with my current boyfriend for about a year and a half, but I have an ex from freshman year in college that has stayed in touch with me for the 6 years after we broke up. I definitely thought he was never coming back after we broke up and he made out with one of my best friends and also I didn't think he really cared about me that much. But throughout these 6 years, he will call me pretty regularly just to see how I am and to talk. He has a gf right now too, and he's been calling a couple times a week. Don't know how he does it, but he does. He talks about getting married, and it messes with my head! I love my current boyfriend right now but I can't help feeling like there's a reason my ex and I have stayed in touch for so long. Almost like we are meant to be but it's not the right time? Are you going through a similar situation?

    • Sadly no:(... My bf broke up with me about 2 months ago and we dated for almost 3 years and he still won't talk to me:/... It's kind of me just wondering if there will ever be hope... I know I should count on it I was jw

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  • He did! :-) he said he always did love me, he was just not sure last time... and I forgave him and agreed to be his girlfriend again, because I was too blindly in love with him...

    • How long did it take for him to come back?

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    • Ok I'm trying not to it's just sooo difficult because we dated for 3 years and he was my best friend and now he is pretty much ignoring me... It's already been an month and a half.. Did ur bf ignore you? and what was the reasoning I'm just wondering

    • some of his friends didn't like me, and they were always talking shit about me. he believed some of that, and hated me for a while :( but then he broke it off after he got to know that they were lying, so we're friends again now :)

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