What should I do if I hurt my ex really badly and I want to appologize and I want him back?

My ex and I have been broken up for about a month now we use to still talk now and then. He is a physical therapist. He needed some supplies from the us do told him I can help him out with gettin it to Trinidad. So he ordered the item online, I spoke to my dad and he said it was fine for him to ship it to his address in Houston and he would bring it down with him when he comes to Trinidad. Long story short we have been arguin for weeks he has said hurtful things to me. I have 3 kids but not with him so he uses that to hurt me cuz I'm a single mom and not with my kids dad anymore. So yesterday I called him to tell him the status of his package and told him at first my dad was bringin it and after plans change I told him I was goin to have ups take the supplies back just to talk was not goin to let them do that. Cuz the package is still at my dad house and he was planning on bringing it. Now my ex blew up on me calling me every name in the cus book and said I'm childish and didn't even finish hearing me out says when he gets his things were completely done. so blew up his phone leaving messages that we need to talk. Also message him on whatsapp which he now has blocked me I don't know what to do anymore. And he is the type of person to run tell the world when I do somethin wrong.


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  • It doesn't sound like he wants to hear any apology at this point anyway. Move on. If anything is to happen let him initiate. You've already left messages. He knows where you stand. It's up to him at this point.

    • we talked yesterday for the 5 mins he gave me apologized everytime but he don't want to hear it and says he can't have a person like me in his life. And he told his fam and they said I'm not a trust worthy person. Which I think he is blowing this and making it bigger than it is. He told me give him his space as I have done I deleted him off everythin that I have. When he hurt me several times in the beginning with all these ladies he talk too and supposedly he has a girlfriend he still begged and begged and I gave him chances over chances since after that I have lost trust and respect for him in that man. Cuz when we were together one day he text me and says I'm going to ask another girl to be my girlfriend are u serious. U were at my house just last nite around my kids. I'm good I'm done begging its bit like if I cheated on him. Imma give him his space.

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  • Not much you can do. He'll contact you if he wants.


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