Do you think he wants to be with me for the sake of having a girlfriend?

We've been dating for around 2-3 months, we took a short break because he cheated on me but now we're back together. I care about him very much but he remains friends with the girl he cheated with which kind of worries me because they talk on a weekly basis. Do you think he really wants to be with me since he decided for us to get back together?
He never slept with her but he made out with her, do you think that is still forgivable?


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  • If he cheated on you to be with her, and She was the "Top soil" as to Why you and your main drain had split in the first place, is telling me he is---having his cake and eat it too, to sort of speak.
    Although there may be Nothing Hot cooking in the Love department on Mother Nature's One end, the concept is, he is with You Now, and it's healthier to Nurture what you and he have, then to continue tossing out seeds on the other side of the fence, fertile or not. xx

    • I just saw your update.. he made out with her After you got back together?

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    • If he wants to have his cake and eat it too, does that mean he still cares about me and his friend as well? Who his feelings for us both be equal?

    • Exactly, and you will always be "second fiddle", not being able to trust him..

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  • You have only been together 3 months and he is already messing around. Leave this guy, he is not serious about you. It seems like you are his plan b.

  • Noooo. He wants all the ladies for himself. If u really care at ur relationship, leave that doich behind cuz he's just going to hurt u the longer u stay. The reason why he still talken to her is cuz he still find her attractive. Dont waste ur time with someone like that. Just move on, there's plenty of men to choose from out there but sad thing is... only a few sweet heart.


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  • Come on now. How in the world are you still in a relationship with a guy who is FRIENDS with the girl he cheated on you with, or who even still talks to her or has any sort of contact with her in any sort of way? You need to have more pride in yourself. A girl who respects herself and has self-worth will not allow a guy to walk over her like that.


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