The ex boyfriend. The new wife. AND Facebook ?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 4 years when we broke up. The break up shocked my family and his family but most of All me! After a few months he began dating this girl that I knew from work and she would try causing drama with me constantly. After a few years I would run into his dad and we would have light conversations and he would tell me he missed me etc .. I spoke with his uncle briefly about the situation and he stated they didn't ( his family) didn't care for her either but they deal with it cause it's his new gf. After 4 years, he recently just married her and I have been seeing someone for about 3 1/2 years. Here is where Facebook comes in. His cousin was the first person to delete me from Facebook after we broke up. I took the liberty of removing anyone who associated with him family friends the whole nine yards. He did the same with me, however left a few on there. He got rid of my cousin but neglected to delete her husband and some of our family. Just recently his cousin the one that first deleted me re added me to Facebook a few months ago. I ran into my exes mom this past weekend and she told me how much she loved me, she had tears in her eyes, she kept telling me how pretty I and how much she misses me. She even told me that after All those years she has never deleted my number from her phone. That same weekend he added my friend to Facebook chatted with her but never mentioned me. He also added my cousin the one he first deleted. How would you take this and what does this mean. You would think that if he cared about what I was doing he would either A. Ask me or B. ask them which he never did. You would also think that maybe he was trying to reconnect with those people again that he wouldn't do it 4 years later. Also if you didn't want anything to so with them then because they associated with me, then why would you add then bAck. Don't know just over analyzing. Someone help please!!! What's your thoughts!


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  • Mabye his relationship is not going well or he's missing you


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