What does this accomplish and is it for his own selfish ways?

I broke up with this guy because of his lack of communication and effort in our relationship. I asked him to hang out for the final time on Tuesday and got denied with a lame excuses again. I haven’t talked to him since because the feelings are just not there anymore. The last I physically seen him and spent time with him was about 3 weeks ago. When someone you care about denies you more than 3 times you get the hint and move on. He texts me yesterday and Goes “ Hi.. I Miss you” … I never responded because it wouldn't do any good and there is no sense in wasting anyone’s time. A hour later he texts back and goes Grrr. I do feel bad for not texting him back but as long as I allow this behavior then that’s all I’ll ever get. What is he trying to accomplish? He never makes time for me but makes time to contact me

Thoughts are appreciated!! Thanks have a great weekend!!


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  • Don't give in by texting him. He had his three chances. He should have communicated " I don't want to hangout now maybe sometime soon give me some space" that's all he would have to say but he didn't . Move on. Communication is so important in a relationship or friendship. If you don't have at least that then it won't last

    • he doesn't believe ex's can be friends, he's not going to contact you

    • Well he already did and wants me back...

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  • Did you sit down and talk to him about this issue? We are hard-headed and downright dumb at times, and you need to spell it out for us before we'll understand why you're mad. If you already did, then he blew it.

    • Not all guys need it spelled out for them. The guys who want the reason for her being mad at him handed to them do. I know women who are just as hard headed, dumb at times, and who need things spelled out for them so what is your point? I am not saying all women are that way but some are and some are not. Some guys are and some guys are not that way also.

    • I think people have different thoughts at the time when they are really feeling rejected and just say things. When i wrote this i was in a state of mind where i like it and wanted him but realized my life was better without. Somtimes your heart makes you say things because you dont really mean

  • so, you're basically proving that ex's can't be "just friends"

    • They can though but it takes time. You need to give your self time to heal as well as him and later on you can be friends. In fact i'm really good friends with my ex of 7 years and we happier then we have ever been with each other.

    • so, tell that to my 4 ex's...who i dont talk to

    • IT just depends on the person and how the relationship went. You can't predict the future so you never know what could happen

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