Guys, Im still in love with my ex, but he refuses to let go of the past and move forward, how can i prove that I deserve another chance?

Weve been broken up for over 5 months now, lately I have not initiated contact with him and has respected the space he deserves, but he still continues to text and call from time to time just to remind me of my mistakes and how much I've hurt him. I've learned to forgive myself and live my life, but still can't help, but to hope things can get better.


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  • I did this to someone i really loved we dated for a month and slept together and i asked her to be my girl and she still wanted to date cause she said she was scared of a relationship. Its really hurt me for her to go out with other guys and it turned into rage sometime. i dont know what you did. with me... well im just stupid i should have given her space... but if he really loves you he will get over it. If he's still texting you and emailing you... he's thinking about you. But with me... she's in no contact mode also and won't speak to me. and i decided to do the same... im going to wait a month to say. No contact works i hear. If you were with him and slept with someone well thats a tough one to get over. if you did that... it may take some time... he may have to do the samething. You need to be more specific about the problem you guys are having and why he won't forgive you

    • over 3 years ago, I had cheated on him with my ex boyfriend, he learned to accept me, move on and we were happy for a long time. Recently last year. I had lied to him about taking a trip with my friends, afriad that he would get upset. He broke up with me and still continues to bring up the cheating we gotten past more than the lying. I know hell never forget and i dont expect him to, but for him to forgive and trust me again is what im asking

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    • Thank you so much for your response, it has helped a lot . I can only continue to live my life and learn from my mistakes. if it was meant to be between us, it will be

    • cool im glad i can help maybe you can read my crazy story and tell me what you think... i think people are going to think its a joke but its not to me

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  • i think he probably is letting go of the past (you) and moving forward with his life (without you). He's being petty by reminding you of your mistakes, but it sounds like you guys are done for good. if he doesn't think you deserve another chance, then you can't make him see that.


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