Trying to help my gf to get over me please help?

I am dating this girl since last one half year. First year flew like great time. few months back i gt to knw she cheated on me. I tried to break up but she didn't let me go. She said it was mistake and pleaded me to take her back. She started dropping at my home/office at odd times. Her only agenda was i should take her back. When i rejected her she gt rebellious. She started to hurt her self physically like burning her hands/cutting her hand wid razor. One day she tried to drink poison. I took her back with the fear she might hurt her self. but its nt good for both of us in a long run. I tried to talk to her friends she didn't listen to them. How can i make her understand that feeling is gone without she hurting herself please help..


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  • Whoa if she is hurting herself then I suggest finding professional services. I wouldn't break up with her yet until you have people who will supervise her like parents and a therapist etc then gradually let it go preferably with the help of people who will supervise her behavior.


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  • Just break up, and cut all communication.

    Sounds cruel, but you "helping her" get over you is you leaving the door open to her for a relationship. So stop.

    • how can stopping the communication is going to help? i tried that but she knows where i work n where i stay so she doesn't let it go

    • Restraining orders are a wonderful thing.

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