How can you say you care about someone and ignore them and act like they are strangers after an amicable breakup?

He finally have the guts to break up (I wanted to, so Amicable) because he's realize he's gay after a looong term relationship. I was understanding and supportive. Did not yell or scream at him, talked a little... He was my best friend... Figure we would be ok and can still talk like friends of some sort... F**K I didn't expect us to be Will and Grace or even hang out at all. After that confession, he pretty much ignore me and act like i'm a stranger (i'm in the process of moving out). He talks to me when he "needs" to. I tried to talk to him and he act of aloof. I wasn't crying and begging for something from him. Normal like to people who have known each other for YEARS. I guess I can conclude he's a COWARD.. since it took him this long to accept it and string me along for soo damn long. I get better treatment from a stranger. He said the reason he tried to be in the relationship so hard is because he cared for me? If he cared so much he should of told me when he start feeling that way (confusion or whatever) and don't waste my youth. How the hell you say you love/care about someone and be like that? It perplex me... seems so cold for someone who have been w/some1 so damn long. In hind sight we had "Issues" anyways but I would never treat someone so cold after something like this... I know he going through tough time... So Am I... I'm going to be doing the same thing he is... start over, self realization... same type of pain... deal w/lost time... My journey is just as Valid as his... thanks


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  • I know I have been there. One minute you are so close to someone, the next it feels like they don't care whether you live or die. Its hard, but I came to realise with my ex, that he just felt bad about the whole situation and that he just could not face talking to me or being friends with me.
    Sometimes people just do not know how to handle their feelings. I would confront him, say are you ever going to talk to me again or is this it? Just so you know where you stand and know what to expect.
    Break ups suck end of!

    • thanks, I did... he still denies being weird... I know this is a dick move but i snop and he told a friend he felt awkward w/me there. I wasn't trying to hook back up w/him or want or need anything from him. I gave him space. I figure a Hi won't kill someone. O'well he say 1 thing and his action does another. action speaks louder than words. I just wanted a clear honest answers, guess some1 are to much of a coward. I just want things to be amicable/maybe friendly since he owes me $ and we are sharing the dog.

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