Would you consider this a break or an official break up?

My name is Elizabeth and my boyfriend's name is Frankie. We had been together since February of last year. We had an instant connection, we connected mentally, emotionally and physically with ease. Within 4 months of the relationship he told me that he truly loved me. He introduced me to his whole family and friends and they all liked me. He would talk to everyone about me and call me 'beautiful,' 'the love of his life'

His mom and I became really close and she told me that in November he told her that he could not see himself without me. (We're both in our early 20s by the way )

The reason I'm asking this is because throughout the entire relationship we only fought 3 times. But the week after Valentine's of this year on Thursday, he asked me for a break. I didn't understand where this was coming from because everything had been going perfectly! I freaked out since we had never taken a break before and asked to see him on Sunday.

Pretty much he broke up with me and said "i dont want a relationship' but he still wanted to remain friends which confused me.

Anyway, long story short I met up with him this Saturday that just passed and I asked him why he really broke up with me. He said that he got scared. He got scared that the relationship was getting 'too serious'

I don't know what he meant by that. He already told me he loved me, introduced me to everyone and both of us are absolutely not ready to get married. I didn't understand but tried to keep the conversation friendly. I asked him if we could turn the break up into a break.

He said, 'If it's in the cards then we'll be back together.'

His mom called and told me that she talked to him the day after and he told her that he was still in love with me and pretty much he didn't wanna end up being like his dad.

.. I can't post the entire thing cause it won't fit so please message me. It's not so long. I just can't fit everything :(
He is such a sweet, intelligent, overall good guy, there really is no other guy like him. Guys like him are hard to find so it hurts even more :(


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  • Well if his father has/had a problem with say, physically abusing his spouse. It's what your boyfriend grew up seeing and dealing with. Your BF could be worried it's hereditary, or maybe a learned action.
    Your BF has to come to grips that he is not his father. It may require counselling to do this. I'm guessing he never told you about this issue with his father. So if he hasn't you can't really talk to him about it. Can you talk to his mother? Possibly when he's at work or school? Maybe she can talk him into getting some counselling or going to the doctor. and the doctor should be able to get him help with this.


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  • My boyfriend had done the same thing with me, but for different reasons. Just give him some space and some time to think about things. Keep communication too, that helps. Things should most likely work out, they did with me. Good luck :)

    • Do you think I could message you with the full story? I couldn't fit it all in here :(

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    • Haha okay, I'll send you the info right now, I'm just going to continue with the story. But I couldn't fit it all into 1 message so unfortunately I'm going to bombard you with messages lol

      (I bombarded ironeddie too :) lol ) haha

    • Haha no problem :)

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