I don't know how to get past this?

I'm at a loss. We used to have something, or I thought we did. Now he hates me with a fire I've not seen before. He won't speak to or look at me. And if he does, the hostility is palpable. Now I get to watch him be in love with someone else. It's kind of like being murdered every day. How do I move past this?


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  • Just rethink in your mind that he is not the one for you. There is always someone out there way better who will not hate you or dislike the thought of you.

  • Did you guys have a argument? Did you say something that offended him? If not the only thing I can say he never actually cared for you. I've been in a similar situation; I thought I was in a relationship with a guy and out of nowhere this guy stopped talking to me. Just completely left me hanging and I thought everything was fine (no argument, nothing). I know it hurts, but please don't waste time thinking about what you did wrong. He obviously wasn't right for you (he couldn't even be honest with you), a man of quality will approach you soon enough. GOOD LUCK!! :)


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