I love him so much. What to do?

Long story short - i am hopelessly and completely in love with my ex. And he admits he always has been as well. However, the relationship ended because he moved to a new province. He basically says the ball is in my court and that its my turn to put in the effort to go see him (he always was the one doing it). Except my parents are very strict and won't allow this.

I have my flight attendant degree so I could apply for a position there. But I'm worried if I wouldn't be allowed to go.. Any ideas?


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  • How old are you? If your an adult the decision is completely up to you. Do you love him enough to take a chance and actually move? It's a risk but sometimes you have to risk when it comes to love. Just be prepared if it doesn't work out. Otherwise you need to move along with your life


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  • Well find a way or lie to your parents, honestly you don't have to let them know everything if you are an adult.

  • If you are over 18 how can your parents stop you from going to see him?

    • Because they are strict.

    • But you're an adult. You don't need your parents permission to see someone you like.

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