Opinions please... I didn't cheat /:?

Bfs "family friend", let's call him Sam, & him didn't get along much. In the beginning of the relationship, which I didn't know about, they argued & Sam told my bf he can "get me" like nothing. He has tried hitting on me (he's way older than me) but everytime I have rejected him, slapped, hit him, or yell at him when he tried to make a move. Like, he has tried pulling getting into bed with me, while I lived in a house where he did (was homeless for a month) & I pushed him away & threatened him to never get near me again. & for over a year I kept my distance. I moved away an hr away with my family & when I had my & my bfs baby had moved back, but Sam is a here. That disturbed him as to me it did too but I refuse to move with my bf which lives with mother, since she can not work to support herself (I understand that) & his brother that smokes pot. I've lived here for 5 months & have told him once, if you try to touch me, kiss me, flirt with me, etc you will regret it, I am not the type to cheat or play around especially that I have my bf & baby girl.

He understood pretty well.

I kept talking to him at a friend level & nothing more, no touchy business, no flirting, friends. As I can't completely ignore him as I see him everyday. We began to watch family guy together that every once in a while as I still try not to get too close to him (not alone with my brother) & my brother recorded us. I was not right next to him or anything but my bf saw it. Furious. Thinking wrong that I have something with him. Threatening to break it off & all. I really don't want to lose him. Almost 3 years together, even though we're in our teens, started our family, and love this guy to death, we have a great long history together.. What is something I could do.. I really did not do a thing with Sam, & dont want to lose a guy I love over a friend I don't care about much.. I already told sam we can't talk anymore at all & why. Bf doesn't know yet.. What to do...


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  • Just leave him a alone and keep your distance from him and tell your man to know what to expect from him. And don't let your friendship go too to far that is your number one priority

    • I didn't let the friendship exceed. I le s

    • Kept it average just cause he lives here too but I've kept it clear I'm not interested and for him not to try. My bf just thinks I did because he saw I hanged with him to watch tv. But I didn't at all its

    • Just all a bit overwhelming, we have our little own family I wouldn't be fucking around or even flirti g with other guys in general

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  • You did nothing wrong. You need to talk to your bf and inform him that his family friend is making moves on you. He deserves to know.


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