Am I making the right decision asking my girl to come back?

So here's the speil. I'm a loner because i can't trust people, this will forever be a fact. And after all the shit women have done to ruin my perception of who i am and how i feel about them in general, I've managed to find someone i can be my goofy self with. Therein lies my issue, she left my state to get help with a job from her family in hawaii, her estranged mother, seemingly a drug addict bent on selling her for money, some weird slave trade bull, and her father is essentially heisenberg. One of the few normal members of her family, her grandmother, recently passed away from cancer. And the densely populated area she lives in is filled with addicts, rapists, and creepers. She constantly gets followed and has to run away. How do I convince her to come back, so she can be safe here where I can make sure nobody ever wrongs her or hurts her. Its been 9 months since i last saw her face, it kinda drives me insane sometimes because i love her and can't stand worrying about her. I dont think I've ever had a legitimate long distance relationship like this.


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  • Although you love her and want her back in your loving arms again, sweetie, this decision lies with her, and what she Really wants to do And----Where she wants to be right now.
    It sounds as though she is mixed up in Too many issues, and as strange as it is for you and me to wonder Why she is so hell bent on staying out there in That atmosphere, she is Not ready to come back to the beautiful love and waiting arms you have waiting for her. It is almost as though she is Addicted to everything out there, and everyone with it. They have this spell on her.
    All you can do at the moment is be supportive and keep begging, but as I tell everyone as a reality check in life: Nothing is for sure but death and taxes. It's up to you how long you want to keep this long distance "at arm's length" relationship going, but my suggestion Next would be, just go out there and try and save her, this hero I believe that you are.
    Good luck. xx


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