How can someone get over a recent break up when they were completely blindsided and genuinely thought they had a future with that man?

Recently, the guy I've been dating for over 6 months broke up with me. We broke up because I'm moving to the east coast in about 4 months. Even though I'm moving I was completely blindsided by the break up because he's spent months convincing me we could do long distance and that he saw a future life with me. I'm heart broken, if anyone has any tips on how to get over a guy after you've completely fallen for them please share them. Also if you have any potential ideas on why he would have broken up with me after everything he said, please share them. Thank you guys for your help.


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  • It sounds like maybe he really wasn't ok with having a long-distance relationship, after all. Maybe he thought he was for all those months, but then he realized that he really wasn't.

    As for getting over a break-up that blindsided you, it certainly is tough. I think just meeting new people and spending as much time with your friends and trying to have fun is good to do after any breakup. Just find something else to focus on (like school or work, stuff like that) to keep your mind off of him as much as possible :)


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  • Maybe he didn't get over it. If he did get over it easily, then he never loved you. I mean you're moving away, not dying... sheesh! Why can't he move to where your at in the future? I would if I loved a woman that much.

    • He can't move because we are both still in college and I am transferring to a college on the east coast to try and get better networking connections for my future.

    • Are you going from like California to North Carolina or something?

    • I'm in Colorado I'm moving to D. C.

  • personally i just met other people it helps a lot. along with time. you'll meet better people


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