Can this be the girl that hurt me?

Saw some comments on a online article about getting over someone. I thought i recognize the person (a girl that hurt me) and started writing to eachother and even she said i "sound" familiar. But she gave me a name, age, city that i don't recognize at all. i have a feeling those are fake but not sure.
She is constantly trying to defend HER (the girl that hurt me). We write without giving too many details... can't explain it.
After my last email to her, she answers that she's still struck how similar our stories sound. she also seems to know what happened between me and my girl. She described the story a bit but in a criptic way without details. She even said that the girl decided to leave because it wasn't the right time and i never told her anything of this sort. she seems to dodge my questions about her real name.

I told her that my girl never admited her mistakes and that's why we fell apart and stopped talking. She wrote "i'd say you should think better about it, because i don't think it was always like this between you two." She then asks me how i'd react if my girl would come back to me now and that i should go to her first.

I tell her i want to know we knew eachother way before we started talking over email. She says "i want that too " then signs again with the fake name...
She never denied being the girl i'm thinking of and never denied knowing someone by my name. She keeps saying how similar our stories are, defends the girl and asks questions.

Can this be her?
Plus the style she uses when writing, the way she thinks and sees "life" it's so similar to that girl
it seems she is not but hell the stories are almost identical. And her way of thinking is exactly the same as my ex's.


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  • it very well could be, but there's no way of knowing for sure. from what you've said it sounds a lot like her.


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  • It's very likely. But do you still have feelings for this girl?

    • it's more like unsolved issues bc we never really talked when we went our separate ways. I still care but i don't think i'd go for a relationship with her now.

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