Is my boyfriend cheating on me with a girl he used to see?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over a year now and plan on moving in together in fall. Everything between us is just perfect except for one thing he keeps texting his past
f*ck buddy.
He tried to go over one day but she ended up canceling on him. I confront him everytime I find msgs which has been 5 times over the time we have been together and they are never sexual usually she never even answers him.
The text that worries me though also is one night he got super drunk and I was asleep so I wasn't texting him back he was telling me he loved me and to come over. But then the next day I noticed on Facebook he also msged her saying hey yo.
I don't know why he keeps trying to talk to her when things between us are ok he swears up and down that im the one for him and that he would never cheat.

Im just wondering why when he's drunk she came into his mind to try and contact her when I wasn't replying to him. I told him it was either me or her obviously he picked me but please can I get some advice on this! So confused..
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  • Personally the only reason I can fathom contacting a friends with benefits is for some benefits. Its not like they had a romantic relationship. Even if that was the case its disrespectful to you and your relationship in my opinion. Especially considering you've talked to him about this already and he knows how you feel. You shouldn't feel the need to check on him to be able to trust him. So I really think you need to think things over before you move in with him.

    I honestly do not believe that once you cross the line and become romantic with someone you can flip the switch and be "friends". Emotions just don't work that way. We don't control our emotions. People cannot move on with that person still around all the time either. Obviously there are exceptions to this and there are some exes who are good friends, but generally speaking this is how I feel.

    Then if it wasn't romantic and there are no feelings and this girl means nothing... what's the point? I don't see a reason he should be talking to this girl if he's serious about you.

    • Thanks for MH.
      I really hope things work out for you, even if that doesn't include him. Just do what's best for you and don't let him manipulate you.

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What Guys Said 2

  • You asked twice, and I'll state the same as I did in the previous poll:
    He's still pursuing an old flame. That fire needs to be extinguished before you consider living with him.

  • He's still pursuing an old flame. That fire needs to be extinguished before you consider living with him.


What Girls Said 2

  • I agree you should wait till you no longer feel that way about him going behind your back
    Because if he is trying to go back to her you are the one that's going to end up more hurt and are going to have to find another place to live
    Good luck with everything

  • Sounds like he still wants to fuck her. Until you get that sorted out between the two of you, you shouldn't move in with him.


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