Is my girlfriend cheating on me with a guy he used to see?

I have been seeing this girl for about two months now. i like the fact that she makes me smile and she makes my heart skip a beat. Other than that we are friends on each other’s FB page. But the strangest thing about all of this is that i have come to find out that one of her ex-boyfriends is on her FB account. And she talks to him from time to time. But just recently she told me that we should delete our FB accounts just so that we would have all the free time that we can have for each other. So i deleted my account. Just today i noticed that she did actually delete her account and not only that her ex-boyfriend has also deleted his account as well. So that got me thinking and wondering if she is mingling with her ex-boyfriend. So I talk to her about it she just tells me that she don’t bother him. And when it comes to texting It takes her 45 minutes – 1 hr for her to text back. And every time i tell her to call me she would tell me that she is in a no service area... Help me... what is going on here?


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  • No she's not. You're being paranoid


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