How do you know you are a rebound?

I am just curious because if I like someone and he seems interested, how do I know he os not looking for a rebound?

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of being or having a rebound?


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  • I mean technically they are all rebound relationships in the scheme of things but def the level of intimacy, chemistry and the connection that you have


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  • Long marriages have been founded on a rebound
    One sign is clingy
    another is "this is how it's done" (how we used to do it)
    finding yourself and "his" (their) favorite places


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  • Unfortunately most people in their lives will be in at least one rebound relationship. The main way of telling if you are a rebound is the level of intimacy, chemistry and connections you have. The higher this level the less likely you are to be a rebound. Try little hints. Has he introduced you to his friends? Does he mention the future? (even if its just a few weeks/months), and the next thing to be wary of is he has just come out of a relationship.


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