My boyfriend and I broke up 2 days ago, what now?

I had been seeing this guy for around 6 weeks that I connected with in so many ways on such a deep level. We got along so well and had a very common mindset, as well as share the same interests with each other. Things happened fast, and we both would call and text each other multiple times a day, and constantly told each other how much we loved each other. We talked about the future a lot, and he always told me he wanted me to be his wife.

About a week ago he stopped responding to my text messages for a few days, which I found extremely odd. I called him his 8 year old son answered the phone. I asked if everything was alright and for him to please have his dad contact me. He said everything was okay and that he would do that.

Anyway, my boyfriend never texted me so I texted him for the 6th time that night and he told me that he wasn't ignoring me, but that it seemed like we lost touch and were always trying to find something to say but couldn't. I asked him if he lost interest and he proceeded to tell me that he didn't see how it would work out because of how I wasn't able to get along with his son. (The son and I did fight a lot lately, even though he used to like me.)

I asked him over and over again if he wanted to try to work it out or break up but he kept avoiding the question and just kept ignoring me, or responding very coldly. I then lashed out at him and told him I wished him well in life and that if he really loved me like he said he wouldn't of given up on us so quickly. I said I wanted to try to work things out with him and his son but he wouldn't give me the chance.

Its been 2 days now, and that was the last bit of contact I had with him. I feel very sad and I just want him back. My question is, should I let things cool down and try to contact him again, or should I just move on?

I'm really disappointed that this is how things turned out because it all changed so quickly and a week ago he missed me so badly and then it just went sour...


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  • That sucks and I know how it feels. I had a girl do the same thing to me a few years ago. Things went really fast and it was all great. One day she stopped communicating almost to nothing. We were together for a little longer maybe 10 weeks or so. I know how much it hurts. I would let him cool down for a while and try to contact him again and just try to talk things out. If it works then great if not, then you know for sure and you can move on from there. Talk to him and let him know everything you said to him is still true. Be honest and ask him to be. Not knowing what to do is the hardest part. You dont want to make the wrong decision. Those are all difficult things. I wish you the best and I know this dont help anything right now but there are other guys out there that you can connect with just as well or better.


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