My ex bf talking crap to me! Guys! Advice!?

So me ex bf who cheated one me started talking crap to me after like 6months of not talking to each other. Why do guys do this? What should I do? I never replied because I don't want to give him that attention.
IHis mother and I have a great relationship, should I tell her?


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  • He's doing it because he is immature and an a**hole. Don't reply. Just ignore him. Like you said, don't give him that attention


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  • just ignore him he don't deserve you after all, hmmm you are a cutie for my opinion, you deserve someone better and it is better for you to tell his mom so she can spank his ass for being so bad at you

  • If you broke up with him or u ended on bad terms then yea he's in that "I don't give a fuck" attitude. What u can do is u can tell everyone he has a small penis and he is bad at fucking. That should piss him off.

  • Just ignore him. Anybody who betrays their partners trust like that doesn't have any place to talk crap to them and shouldn't even be acknowledged.


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