Is he cheating already? Should I even be thinking about cheating already?

I just began a relationship... its very fresh... we have only known each other for a few months... but I like him, a lot. I don't have any REAL relationships under my belt & at 21 I'm hoping this can be one to mention. I wasn't really trying to be BF&GF so quickly but he started saying it & so i said you never asked me to be your girlfriend so he asked & i said yes.

but of course there is a problem: he takes hours to text back unless he initiates a convo... if i text him out of the blue i literally wait hours to hear back... I have a problem with this... i know everyone doesn't live with their phone in their palms like i do & when im around him he really doesn't pay attention to his cell.. but i feel like now that you have a Gf you would at least check your phone every 2-3 hours? as long as my bf makes me feel secure & i can trust him im not overly jealous.. but i just don't want to play the fool in this relationship.. this has happened 3-4 times where i text/call & i dont hear from him for hours he'll say he was hanging with his guys or that he was drinking or smoking or something & one there was another instance we bout a 3-pack of condoms and we didn't get to use it that day & a saw him a few days later & he "couldn't find it"... am I deluding myself by thinking he isn't cheating already? is it too early for me to be worried? we are already together so i can't back track & say its too soon for titles which it very well may be... what do i do now? i want to call him & say why the fuck does it take so long for you to respond? what did you really do with those condoms? but i dont have any real basis & i dont want to be the crazy gf accusing him of cheating this early on with no evidence... ADVICE PLEASE?
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  • It sounds like you are more in love with the idea of a relationship than the man himself! My problem is with your use of the word "already". Do you believe that all men cheat eventually? There is no "already". Cheating should never happen, ever. If these things bother you, flat out ask him about it. And then you have to decide to either trust him or dump him, but don't have one foot in and one foot out. Unless he has done something to break your trust, you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Trust and communication there the most important aspects of a relationship, and you have to work on it to make things work. Good luck!

    • you're right, I used already since the relationship is so new & my main concern wasn't asking but it was already having this concerns so early in & in the eveent he isn't doing anything i'll be the gf who started accusing him of cheating within weeks of exclusivity, thank you though, good advice

    • also im super cynical lol my outlook in general about anything is like that.. i expect bad things

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  • You're dating! Just ask him what's going on. Tell him you just get worried when you don't hear from him. You won't look crazy. I wouldn't honestly love it knowing that someone cares about me. Just don't get excessive and ask him every few minutes because then you're crazy haha.

  • Confront him and see what's up


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