Why did she dumped me? I need some advice..?

This weekend I was visiting my now ex-gf. We are in a long distance relationship for one month in which she was very stressed. In this month she wasn't calling oftenly, and a couple of time she got very angry with me about some misunderstanding. This weekend I was visiting her for first time and she was very angry, and she said she wanted to break up with me, and I said ok and she got angry because she said I don't care about anything. She keeps saying we don't understand each other and I don't listen. I stayed at her place and we shared some time together and she was in a better mood and we were really closed. But I have to call my cousin because he was worried and she went to the supermarket and when she came back whe was really angry because I left her on her own and I was not worried about her. She began again to be angry and mean, and next day I couldn't stand it anymore and I left her place because I told her I was doing my best to treat her right and she was treating me like an asshole. Whe called me 20 minutes later to see where I was going to sleep, I think whe wanted me to give up and return, but I'm not sure. So I think we are not together anymore. Why did she dumped me, because I was very in love and too nice to her, o because she couldn't get what she expected from me? Should I try to fix things?
I was with her for 6 months and 1 month of LDR.

She had a previous relationship where she has told me whe was very angry because he didn't love her and strung her along.


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  • She dumped you because she got nothing from you - she didn't see you emotionally invested, she didn't see you care about her, she is one of those girls who needs obvious drama in her life that she can SEE, because you're just a black box to her. She has no clue what is going on inside you, and she fills that silence with all the worst things her self-doubt can invent.

    When she said she wanted to break up with you, she was saying that to get a reaction from you. She wanted you to emotionally explode, tell her that you didn't WANT to break up, and how much she meant to you. Instead you went "Okay, whatever you want"

    You were not doing her a favour by giving her what she said she wanted. You were frustrating the hell out of her because she didn't get the emotional reaction from you that she needed.

    A girl like her doesn't want you to give her everything she wants on a whim - that's not important to her, and isn't what she actually wants. She wanted closeness with you, understanding you, communication with you.. but mostly she wanted to know how you felt and thought about things.

    • This is what I thought, but I voiced my feelings for her, I even cried!! But she demanded me to not only voice it but show her also

    • She was honest with you.

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  • I dont actually think it was something you did. It sounds like she decided in her mind the relationship was over and she was starting to resist you in a negative way. Which is really unfair. She sounds like she is suffocating, and no not because of anything you did. I had this exact situation recently and that was my reason. I saw the guy as not someone i wanted to marry and thought what was the point of heart-ache with someone that is not potential and that lives so far away.

    • The week before I only mentioned about a break up between both and she was crying for long.. Does this fit your theory? I would like to be sure so I know what to do from this point

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    • In this case, should I wait a few days to contact her to make things cool off having in mind I left her place but I messaged her to tell her I was ok?

    • how many days has it been. give her at least 5 days to think about it

  • She sounds stressed :/ but it seems she is genuinely looking for emotional response that you are genuinely and just as invested in the relationship aswell

  • relationships are hard. long distance makes them even harder.


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  • First, she seems stupid. She sais she wants to break up, and when you say ok she was mad that you didn't fight for her to stay. It makes it sound like she's manipulating you to fight for her.

    and she went to the supermarket leaving you alone, then she barks about you leaving her alone? Stupid girl.

    also, if she's this way after a month of long distance, it doesn't sound like she can handle it.

    also, in future ling distance stuff, there has to be many texts and video chats and phone calls.

    • Also, it sounds like she need to work on properly and calmly expressing her needs instead of erupting over something you never knew you had to do.

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