How do you spot a cheating partner?

Does anyone have any tips for spotting a cheating partner by the way they behave?


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  • it's hard sometimes impossible but some signs?
    - takes showers often especially if they've just gotten home
    - unexplained disappearances
    - changes in regular and routine behavior
    - changes in attitude towards you or the relationship (both physically and emotionally)
    - perhaps seemingly short tempered
    - especially secretive

    there are more and perhaps if you had specific signs you could list might help but those are some and they aren't clear cut 100% true signs that a person is cheating... but having been cheated on twice those are things I noticed and in hindsight realized were probably signs I should have heeded


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  • There is some awesome spy tech out there if you can afford it, trackers in cars, phone bugs, secret audio and video monitering equipment, keyloggers/screenshot captures for PC/laptops. And they dont lie, I caught someone out once by using a device that logs keys on a computer and took an image of the screen every minute


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