Should I be friends with my ex again?

My ex has been hot and cold with me. First we were close friends for 13 years, then we were on and off for a year. He just broke it off with me yesterday. He told me he likes me, but because of past fights he doesn't think he can see a future for us. I told him that it was fine I just wanted him to stop texting me. I blocked him on my phone then went out for St. pattys day and had a blast. We have mutual friends and I know they showed him some photos of me out dancing and stuff. He fb messaged me today saying " Just remember it wasn't all me" as much as I wanted to ignore him I could not. After talking all day I realized he has some serious commitment issues due to his last girlfriend he dated 6 years ago! He told me he wants me to "move on because he's not good enough for me". He is handicap so I know he gets a little depressed sometimes. He really is pushing us to be friends again. Part of me wants to too, but I also know I still like him too much. I really want to be back with him, but I don't know if he'll ever overcome these commitment issues or if he'll ever see me as more then a friend again. Should I be friends with him? helppp


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  • Only time can fix this. He stated he is not ready right now which means he is not right for you at this moment. You both want different things. As far as friendship, you need time away. Not sure how much but enough time to get into your own routine and happiness. Let him know that you will contact him when you are ready but right now you need time to take care of yourself. Continue to go out and dance and enjoy yourself. but right now it sounds like he is not ready to be your boyfriend... continue on with you life and maybe just maybe you guys might rekindle at a later date or just end up as good friends.


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