Guys, in your honest opinion what could an ex do to get you back, even if you dont want it. what would work?

for example, would her not contacting you at all work. would i be her changing something physical about herself. im just all kinds of curious at the momment. to see if there is a trend. what if nothing bad happened and the relationship didn't end badly. Perhaps one of you moved away and you are both home now.
what if u have had sex together once since you've been back.
how could she see you again or gain your interest.


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  • My general tendency is once I've moved on, I have for good - I don't turn back. Also that if we are each other's ex then there is good enough reason for it. I don't give up on a relationship easily. Not that I cling on but I work on everything that is perceived as a problem.

    There's no thumb rule to 'not turning back' I do believe in exceptions but that's not happened till date :)

    • Thank you young lady for selecting my answer as MH :D I appreciate your kind & thoughtful gesture :)

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  • " would her not contacting you at all work. "

    LOL, no.

    " her changing something physical about herself."

    I'm someone who never tends to look back. When I move on, I move on. So perhaps if she did something truly unexpected for someone. Something to really make me think she had changed for the better as a person.

  • Honestly, once I break up that's that--it's over. I'd recommend moving on to bigger and better things.


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