Broken engagement so confused?

My fiancé broke up with me last month. It was all over the phone and hasn't faced me since. His reason was he no longer loves me (I found out he cheated) and I've been nothing but mature about the situation and not bothered him or yelled because I don't want this to be messy when we had something so special.
I have not asked him to take me back or anything and he's just contacted me because he heard from someone in my family and that's why he messaged me but the text was so rude telling me how much he doesn't love me and how I need to move on!
What I don't understand is how he was so sweet, I gave him no drama when he broke up with me yet it's like he's purposely trying to be rude and tell me to move on and just be rude to me, I feel like he's trying to get me to hate him.

He's not this type of person and I'm just so confused as to why he keeps trying to hurt me


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  • Does it really matter why he is doing whatever it is he's doing?

    It's good advice. Get past him and move on with your life. Stop taking his calls and reading his texts, especially if he's just going to be a dick.

    • I know I have to move on it's just hard he just dropped our wedding and life together that we had for over 7 years.

      A girl can't help but be confused and wonder why he is purposely trying to hurt you when I've been nothing but understanding even though it's killing me and I should be going crazy on him like any girl would.

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